Sunflower Escape – JTP2017 Styled Shoot



September 22, 2016

If you know me, you know that my favorite flowers are peonies + sunflowers. So, when I heard that the sunflower field near me was in full bloom, I completely changed the theme of this shoot just so I could photograph there, and I do not regret that decision. The golden lighting, color scheme, sunflowers, and 7/9 of my senior spokesmodels are absolutely stunning + I am SO excited to share the images from this shoot with you!
One of the perks of my senior spokesmodel program is to get the opportunity to participate in a stylized shoot. My seniors all showed up to my house hours before to get their hair styled by the amazingly talented hair and makeup artist, Alyssa. You can find her work on Instagram here!
After each girl’s hair was styled, we drove to the Prayers from Maria Sunflower Field in Avon, Ohio. This field is filled with 40+ acres of sunflowers to spread awareness of childhood brain cancer, as well as bringing hope to children + families who have to deal with this horrible disease.

We started the shoot near the front of the field but then as the sun began to set, we made our way to the very back of the field in the shade where the sunflowers were smaller but had that perfect golden glow to them. I may have taken WAY to many pictures than I should’ve but I am SO okay with it.
Melanie, Taylor, Rachel, Alyssa, Carson, Emily + Grace, you girls are STUNNING + I had SO much fun spending the day with you all a few weeks ago!! Thank you for going along with all my crazy ideas, (including walking through all that tall grass to get to the back of the field). You girls are the best + I love each one of you!

I hope you all enjoy these images from the JTP2017 fall stylized shoot + be sure to leave these girls some love in the comments below!! Also, if you are a 2018 senior interested in the spokesmodel program, keep an eye out within the next several months for details about applying for next years team! xx

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