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November 20, 2020

It feels so crazy to be posting MY wedding photos on my blog! Wow has 2020 been a whirlwind of a year. So many emotions!! It was the year of a lot of hard change, but it was also the year that I married my best friend.

For those of you who are new here, my husband Alex and I were originally planning our wedding for July 4th 2020. But then Covid-19 hit… I can’t begin to tell you how stressful this past spring was. When our world suddenly changed in March, not only was I navigating this as a wedding photographer, where my career literally revolved around large gatherings and big parties, but also as a 2020 bride. It was hard. Alex and I decided that we would wait and see how the spring played out before making any decisions about postponing. But when 10+ of my 2020 brides started postponing to 2021, I knew that my availability would quickly vanish for next year. So in April, Alex and I decided that we would still get married in July, but postpone our reception to July 2021.

I cried, a lot. So many new restrictions and unknowns. Alex and I talked it through, and decided that we wanted to make the most of the situation and still have our dream wedding day. So…we rented a massive house, invited our immediate families, and picked a new wedding date of July 9th 2020 down in Hilton Head Island!

Fast forward to the morning of July 5th, we packed up the car and headed down to HHI to get married!! The week was perfect. Our wedding day was perfect. I was so scared about downsizing our wedding day and not having everyone there to celebrate it with us. I kept thinking why did this have to happen to me? It wasn’t fair. Not to mention, it rained the entire week we were down there!! Which definitely added to the stress. But our wedding day was the biggest blessing. Our marriage is what mattered the most to us, not the party or the gifts or the food. Alex and I had the most perfect first look and took our wedding photos in pretty epic locations around the island. We said our intimate vows and promised ourselves to each other on the beach during sunset, then ended it with dinner on the water and cake cutting back at our rental property. Best. Day. Ever.

All the stress and tears and anxiety was so worth it. Now we have an amazing story to tell as well as a fun day to look forward to next year when we can finally celebrate our marriage with all our family and friends. Enjoy my favorite images from my favorite day, captured by our amazing photographer, Jennifer Beck of JB Marie Photography.

Our Vendors:

Photography: JB Marie Photography

Florist: Jardiniere Events

Officiant: Betsy Peterson, Say “I DO!” Hilton Head Weddings

Dress: BHLDN

Hair: True Beauty by Joanna Marie

Demin Jacket: Oh Sarah Jean

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