One of my favorite parts of a wedding day are the Bride & Groom portraits! It is the part of the day where I get to be a little more creative! Of course I make sure that we capture those traditional, core poses. But I also want to make sure you get dreamy portraits that you swoon over whenever you see them. An example of one of those portraits is with your veil!

The first thing I educate my brides on, is the veil size. The longer the veil is, the more I can do with it! While shorter veils don’t drag on the floor and aren’t as heavy, I don’t have enough material to get those swooping shots you see all over the internet & social media. So, if you want portraits with your veil flying in the air behind you, swooped under framing the image, or pulled over your head, invest in a longer veil! Cathedral length veils are my favorite!! If you are worried about weight on your head, try to purchase a veil without a lot of beading. I love veils lined with lace! Your veil also isn’t on all day, almost every bride wears it during the ceremony and formal portraits, and then takes it off before the reception!

The next thing I always tell my brides is to trust me!! It will feel incredibly awkward with your veil over you and your grooms head. But the final image looks incredible!! I always get a few laughs or the comment “it feels like we are in a mosquito net!”, which may be true, but oh my goodness is it worth it!! Brides! Please keep these things in mind when shopping for your veil! They always end up being both mine, and my couples, favorite portrait from their wedding day!