oh my gosh. its only Tuesday and soooo many things have happened this week that I am SUPER excited about! There are TWO HUGE things happening right now! First, I announced my Instagram GIVEAWAY where you get a chance to win a free photo session! this can either be a couple session, best friends session or just a portrait session. So far I have received 13 ENTRIES! The giveaway ends March 1st so if you haven’t entered already you still have time! Also, I’m looking for 2016 senior spokesmodels! Ahhh I am SO excited about this! I currently have 5 amazing, gorgeous girls that I can’t wait to work with and capture some gorgeous senior photos!! Words cannot express how excited I am for what this year has in store for me! For March, I already have two photo sessions booked and a mentoring session!!! I am so excited to learn how to market and expand my business, but most importantly to learn some tips for wedding photography! Senior sessions will be starting in May, I will be shadowing a wedding photographer, and in July I get to shoot a WEDDING! Being a wedding photographer has been a huge dream of mine for about 4 years now and I am beyond excited for this opportunity!

NEVER give up on your dream, no matter how big or small it might be. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Three years ago, I was terrified to take risks. I was terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t gain confidence, I wouldn’t have this business, I probably wouldn’t even be a photographer. My biggest fear is failure. I hate when I let someone or myself down. It is the worst feeling. There were plenty of nights where I fell to sleep sobbing because I was about to give up. I didn’t think I had what it took to succeed as a photographer. But one morning, I woke up with a new attitude and new faith. I finally believed in myself. Today, I sooo glad I didn’t give up. I’ve had so many ups and downs, so many good times and bad but I don’t regret any of the bad because its helped me to become the person I am today. Juggling college classes and assignments, relationships, spending time with friends, and my business takes up every minute of my time. But I don’t care. Photography is my passion, its what I love doing. Its what makes me get out of bed each morning and start my day. Find something that makes you wake up each and every day. Find something that makes you happy. Find something that you absolutely love to do, and that you wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life. Find your passion. Don’t ever give up. You can accomplish any dream as long as you follow the dream, work hard, inspire and be inspired.