“There’s nothing like old fashioned ways, something from the good old fashioned days” –Tiffany Houghton
I am SO excited to share the photos from this session with you guys! It’s one of my favorites! I’ve been wanting to do a 1950’s photoshoot for the longest time and I finally got the opportunity to Wednesday night.
Kayli, my sweet friend and gorgeous model, posted a picture on Instagram with the caption saying “I was meant for the 1950’s and bell shaped skirts” and right when I read that I knew I had to finally make this shoot happen.
I told Kayli my idea and she was 100 percent on board so we got right to planning. Kayli and I planned the outfits, makeup, props, and the venue, so Wednesday after our leadership class we drove to Highland Square in Akron. Highland Square was such an amazing spot! I’m kinda obsessed with it. It has THE CUTEST little record shop, Square Records. It also has SO many adorable stores, and theatres, and colorful walls, and ice cream parlors which were all PERFECT! Not to mention the weather on Wednesday was ABOVE 60 degrees!!

Kayli and I got to Highland Square at 6pm and took pictures until the sun went down.
Let’s just say it was a PERFECT evening for an old fashioned 1950’s photoshoot! x