Last night, I attended The Strange Familiar’s headline concert at the Akron Civic Theatre with my Aunt and cousins Ryan and Regan. My aunt got me tickets for this show as a Christmas gift (THANK YOU!) While I am writing this blog post, I’m currently listening to all 3 of their albums…because post concert depression is horrible and I’m in love with every song. 
We got to the theatre about an hour before the show and luckily got front row seats. I love front row seats because it gives me a chance to capture lots and lots of pictures without peoples heads in the way and it makes iPhone photography a lot easier. Because we got front row, I took lots of pictures, and narrowed it down to my favorites. Kira, Jeff, Nick, and Frank, you are all EXTREMELY talented. The music was incredible and the songs and lyrics are so inspiring. Thank you for an amazing night of music! Will definitely like to see you perform live again soon!
For those of you who don’t know who The Strange Familiar are, you can check out their music on YouTube, iTunes, and their Facebook page Their songs have also been featured on TV shows such as Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Click on these photos all taken from my iPhone and enjoy!!