When your best friend moves to Nashville for a semester, you just have to travel 522 miles to go visit her! Kacey + I have been planning this weekend before she even moved down to Nashville back in August, and when Alex surprised me with my plane ticket for the trip for my birthday, I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement.

Once I landed and Kacey picked me up from the airport, our first stop was Five Daughters Bakery. If you are ever in Nashville, this place is a MUST! They are known for their 100 layer donuts and are the best $5 donuts I’ve ever had. I’m serious. Obsessed. After that, we explored Bicentennial Park before making our way to Downtown Nashville. We walked down Broadway and I was in shock. There were so. many. people. Music was coming from every bar and restaurant and there was just so much to see. We then went to the Nashville Symphony and that building is GORGEOUS. Then, as the sun was setting we walked across the John Seigenthaler bridge and I fell in love with Nashville’s skyline all lit up as the sun sets.

2016-11-25_0001 2016-11-25_0002 2016-11-25_0003 2016-11-25_0004 2016-11-25_0005 2016-11-25_0006 2016-11-25_0007 2016-11-25_0008

Next, we decided to go to Opry Mills to get food and shop around. Then we went to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and hands down this was my FAVORITE part of the entire trip. This place is MAGICAL! When Kacey and I were planning this trip, I had two requests; Five Daughters Bakery and Opryland. The resort was also decorated for Christmas!!! I was in awe and took way too many pictures but I am totally okay with that.

2016-11-25_0009 2016-11-25_0010 2016-11-25_0011 2016-11-25_0012

Did we just step into a fairytale?! I’m pretty sure all my fairytale dreams came true that night.

2016-11-25_0013 2016-11-25_0014

Day 2 of the trip started with lunch at Newk’s eatery and then hiking in Nashville’s beautiful parks right outside of the city. After that, we stopped for coffee, took some pictures in front of a sunflower wall and then went right back to Opryland (because visiting it just once was not an option for us and we had to see what it looked like during the day).

2016-11-25_0015 2016-11-25_0016 2016-11-25_0017 2016-11-25_0018 2016-11-25_0019 2016-11-25_0020 2016-11-25_0021 2016-11-25_0022 2016-11-25_0023

2016-11-25_0025 2016-11-25_0026 2016-11-25_0027 2016-11-25_0028

The last day in Nashville started with breakfast at another coffee shop…or two, and then exploring The Gulch. Just when I thought I couldn’t fall in love with Nashville any more, we turned the corner to a #whatliftsyou wall and a flower truck. Like it doesn’t get much better than that.

2016-11-25_0029 2016-11-25_0030 2016-11-25_0031 2016-11-25_0032 2016-11-25_0033 2016-11-25_0034

This trip has left my heart so full. I love traveling, and I love it even more when I get to do it with my best friend. Here’s to many more adventures K! xx