Happy Wednesday! I get asked all the time about how I edit my iPhone pics so I figured I’d might as well share that all with you today! These 4 apps make my life 100x easier when it comes to editing pictures right from my phone to post on Instagram + they are all under $2! How awesome is that?! Photographer or not, these apps are a must to have on your phone.

4. VSCO – free!

I absolutely adore VSCO! This is the first editing app that I fell in love with years ago and I still use it today! What’s better is that it’s absolutely FREE! VSCO is super easy to use and offers some gorgeous filters. It also allows you to adjust certain setting such as exposure and temperature to control how much you want to edit your image. If you don’t want to spend a penny on an editing app, VSCO is one you absolutely have to download NOW!
                                                                                  before & after!

3. touchRetouch – $1.99

This app saves SO much time when it comes to removing unwanted objects in photos and it’s only $1.99! For example, during Alyssa’s beautiful headshot session, she snagged her black vest and you could definitely notice. A super easy, under one minute fix is by using this app. Before I purchased it, I had to get back onto my computer, find the image, pull it up in either Photoshop or Lightroom, and use several different tools to fix it and then save it and email it to my phone. A lot of work. But with touchRetouch, all you have to do is load the image from your camera roll, zoom in to what you want removed, tap the lasso icon in the bottom left corner, circle the object, which will then turn red, press play and watch as the app does its magic. Save your image and upload to Instagram. SO EASY GUYS and the end result is incredible.

2. PicTapGo – $1.99

I love love love this app! PicTapGo is PERFECT for making your photos brighter. I only have good things to say about this app. This app includes TONS of filters but to be honest I only use two and I am obsessed with both of them; Lights on + Brightside. Also, the nice thing with this app is that you can adjust your intensity of each filter and add more then one, kinda like you’re building a recipe! Just look at the difference between the two photos below! So. Much. Better.

1. Afterlight – $0.99

I’ve been using Afterlight for about two years now and I am still obsessed. This is my FAVORITE editing app and I pretty much use it on every single image. It’s fabulous and has just about every feature for only ONE DOLLAR. Afterlight contains the most filters I’ve ever seen on an app so far, has amazing settings to adjust brightness, temperature, highlights, shadows, etc. You can also add light streaks to your images and borders. This is the only app I use to create black and white images as well as edit all my concert photos and the one I use most often for all my travel photos. The filters coal and relic are probably the two most used. Like I said before, I’m obsessed with this app. If you are looking to pay for just one editing app, Afterlight is the way to go and the one I recommend the most.