I’m pretty sure my #1 favorite location to photograph is anywhere on the water. So when Megan told me she wanted her bff session photographed at Huntington Beach, I was ecstatic. That morning light at Huntington beach was beautiful and I am so in love with these images, not to mention Megan + Halle’s fabulous sense of style!
Megan entered my giveaway on Instagram back in like January + emailing me asking if we could wait until summer. Even though the wait was long, it was so worth it. Megan brought her friend, Halle along with her and you guys, these two girls are gorgeous.

Also, those colorful necklaces these girls were wearing were made by Kacey, with Forever by K. Kacey makes all of these colorful necklaces herself and I am obsessed with every single one! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop + snag one of your own to wear this summer! Because who doesn’t love wearable art?!

Megan + Halle, I had SO much fun photographing the two of you!