Every October, my family and I travel to Maumee Bay State Park and spend an entire weekend together making tons of lifelong memories and when I leave every Sunday, my heart could not be more full. Most people would think that 30+ people crammed into a cabin at one time does not sound like a fun time. But to me, it’s everything. I love the fact that my family, with everyone’s hectic schedules, still sets aside a weekend to come together where we just spend time with each other and catch up on life. Family is a super important part of my life and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.
We arrived to Maumee Friday night and I was able to meet up with one of my good friends, Taylor.  Taylor and I met about 3 years ago on Twitter and today I consider her one of my best friends. Taylor lives about 30 minutes from Maumee and I am so thankful she was able to come up for about an hour. The last time I saw Taylor was over a year ago, sitting outside the concert venue on the floor for 4+ hours waiting to see our favorite band, The Wanted, so I had a lot of fun catching up with her at the Lodge.

Saturday, I spent the day exploring the boardwalk, eating apple cider donuts and navigating a corn maze at Fleitz Pumpkin Farm, playing wallyball (or at least attempting to 😉 ), listening to ghost stories and just spending time with family. I also got to meet Tiffany’s daughter, little Evelyn (FINALLY) and I was so excited. She is 10 months old and already walking, not to mention super adorable. Just look at that picture of her below, my heart melts! She has such a personality and she can entertain all of us just by playing with a box.

 These memories we all made this weekend together are oh so important to me. I truly am blessed. I have the most amazing, loving, silly, supportive family in the word. When I left on Sunday, my heart was so full. I had so much fun last weekend and I am already counting down the days until we do this all again next October.