Kaylee is GORGEOUS!! I have the prettiest cousin ever! Kaylee and I live about an hour away from each other and with both of our busy schedules, we rarely see each other. So when Kaylee and I were talking about meeting up over the summer for a mall trip and a possible photoshoot I was SO excited!
The day of the shoot, I woke up to…rain. I was SO bummed. But, I was still going to make the shoot happen. Kaylee and I met at the mall, shopped around, had our Starbucks then got back into the car to get ready for the photoshoot. We had no idea where the photoshoot was taking place so we just started driving around. We went into the Metroparks and the first thing I saw was a pink flowered bush. It was PERFECT. And it wasn’t raining!!! YES! we took a bunch of pictures there and started driving around for another location and found a whole FIELD of purple flowers!! I still cant believe we found these two locations. It was a DREAM. Sometimes you find the best places when you don’t have any in mind. I m so excited to share these pictures from our fun adventure! I love how these photos turned out! It doesn’t even look like it was super cloudy and raining only 5 minutes before we started. Thank you Kaylee for again being a fabulous model! Love you!