Here it is!! I can’t believe I’m sharing with you guys today pictures from my first ever stylized shoot! I had always dreamed of collaborating with other creatives but I never expected that I would get that opportunity so soon! Friends, dreams really do come true if you pursue your passions + work hard!
When Alyssa first reached out to me about collaborating a styled shoot so she could build her portfolio, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even think about it before I said YES! When I held the model call and received 30+ applicants my little heart couldn’t believe it. I am SO grateful to everyone who believes in me and supports my dream! It was awesome seeing how many girls wanted a chance to participate just because they like my work and want to help promote JTP.
The day of the shoot, it was chilly, but it was SUNNY! This time last year we were in the middle of a blizzard so I was pretty much checking the weather 3 times a day the entire week leading up to the shoot. You can ask Kacey. Hair and makeup was done in my basement with plenty of sprinkled donuts and new friends. Then we headed out to Coe Lake where we met up with Kacey and Kayli and began the shoot, And you guys, this shoot was PERFECT. Alyssa did a FABULOUS job with every models hair + makeup and I highly suggest going to her! She made the entire preparation process go smoothly and she is truly an amazing woman who I loved getting a chance to know and work with. You can contact Alyssa at [email protected] and be sure to look out for her website coming soon! Also, be sure to follow her Instagram which I listed down below. All 4 of my models were stunning and blew me away. I gained 4 new friends and I had such a fun time spending the day with them. Kacey + Kayli, I love you both SO much and I am so thankful for our friendship. The both of you would literally do anything for JTP including spending 2 hours setting up out in the cold and I love you both for it! Thank you for making this possible.
Now, without further ado, here our the images from Jenna Therese Photography’s first ever styled shoot! These pictures turned out gorgeous and I hope you all love them as much as I do! Be sure to leave some love in the comments for these photos as well as for the amazing girls who were a part of this shoot + follow each of them over on Instagram.

Hair + Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Alyssa – Alyssa Grimm @hairandmakeupbyalyssa
Stylists: Kacey Kovacs – @kacey_anne
               Kayli Bookman – @kayli_bookman
Models: Melanie Campbell – @m_campbell4567
               Rachel Dubecky – @r_dubecky4
               Taylor Panzarella – @t_panzarella
               Sabre Randall – @sabree_randall
Skirt modeled is last picture designed by Kayli’s Kreations