You guys…Jessica’s senior session is definitely a new favorite. Jessica is absolutely gorgeous + is such an incredible dancer. Her talent blows me away. I love capturing my seniors personalities and talents. I also think September is my favorite month to photograph in just because the end of summer weather is so nice and the lighting is so so pretty!
Jessica’s senior session took place on Huntington Beach + I am SO obsessed with these images! Her style is super fun + I am in love with her Tiffany blue dress in some of the images below. Then, at the very end of her session she changed into her dance outfit and we drove down the street until we stumbled upon the prettiest white porch I’ve ever seen. Those images are probably some of my all time favorites.
I hope you enjoy these images from Jessica’s senior session + be sure to give her some love in the comments below!Jessica Smith – North Olmsted High School Class of 20172016-09-14-0001_orig 2016-09-14-0002_orig 2016-09-14-0003_orig 2016-09-14-0004_orig 2016-09-14-0005_orig 2016-09-14-0006_orig 2016-09-14-0008_orig 2016-09-14-0009_orig 2016-09-14-0010_orig 2016-09-14-0011_orig 2016-09-14-0012_orig 2016-09-14-0013_orig 2016-09-14-0014_orig 2016-09-14-0015_orig 2016-09-14-0016_orig 2016-09-14-0017_orig 2016-09-14-0018_orig 2016-09-14-0019_orig 2016-09-14-0020_orig 2016-09-14-0021_orig 2016-09-14-0022_orig 2016-09-14-0023_orig 2016-09-14-0024_orig 2016-09-14-0025_orig 2016-09-14-0027_orig 2016-09-14-0028_orig 2016-09-14-0029_orig 2016-09-14-0030_orig 2016-09-14-0031_orig 2016-09-14-0032_orig 2016-09-14-0033_orig