The $6 Lunch Combo – Do you want fries with that?!!
My day started by waking up at 5:30am and driving to Hiram College while watching the sunrise for the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. It was a SUPER fun and busy day and I am currently sitting in my dorm room exhausted, running on 4 hours of sleep  writing this post.
I coach a Destination Imagination (DI) team with my good friend Maddie.  Our group, the $6 lunch combo started meeting back in November and met once-three times a week every week up until today. For DI, each team needs to complete a challenge. It can be anything from fine arts, to scientific, to service learning, which was the challenge our group chose. For the service learning challenge, our group had to find a way in which they could reach out to the community, so the girls decided to give clothing to families in need. They organized a clothing drive at their school, Clothes for Care, and ended up collecting OVER 900 articles of clothing!! CRAZY!
As you can see from the pictures above, the clothing drive was a SUCCESS! After the drive, the girls donated ALL the clothes to Marion’s Closet in Wadsworth, OH to give to kids in the area. For the tournament, part of the challenge was to create a live presentation that highlights the project and the project evaluation. For this, the girls had to come up with a skit, the set, costumes, props, EVERYTHING. Their skit was based on the story of Cinderella where we had girls in need of new clothing, a fairy godmother, a fairy-in-training, the evil Queen Medusa and a narrator to tell the story. Below is a picture from practice and our AMAZING set that the girls painted. ITS SO GOOD. 
Because of the $6 Lunch Combos hard work and dedication throughout the year, they did AMAZING at Regionals! They did so good that they placed SECOND overall for their age group. YAY!! Maddie and I are SO SO SO PROUD of you girls!! Each of you shine so bright and are so talented! Thanks for a fabulous year!! xx
Here’s a few of my favorite memories from practice, because who doesn’t love the ones of Maddie in a banana costume?!!