Happy Tuesday!! I am SUPER excited about this blog post today! As most of you guy know, this summer has been full of traveling for me. My latest adventure was a trip to Carolina Beach with my family! I am so obsessed with the ocean, so this trip is definitely one of my favorites. 
The first stop of our adventure was Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit my family. It was such a great fun-filled weekend. We watched the Indians game in the rain, ate lunch on a riverboat cruise on the Ohio River, spend an evening at Coney Island Amusement park and ended the weekend with brunch at my mom’s cousins house. (the picture below on the right is one of my favorite memories. Mark and Amanda sat on my lap the entire fireworks show, it was such a cute moment).
Our next stop was to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia on our way down to NC.  Shenandoah is such a beautiful place. You are surrounded by mountains and gorgeous scenery, and hundreds and hundreds of butterflies!! II spent about an hour running around a field chasing them and taking lots of pictures. My heart was so happy. After spending a few hours exploring and looking for bears (which sadly we didn’t find) we set off for the 10 hour drive to Carolina Beach!  
Finally, at about 8pm and after a longgggg day of driving we arrived at the beach!! Just that one first glance at the ocean made me fall in love with it even more. I am not kidding when I say I belong at the beach. After we unpacked we went down to explore the beach and the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. I was in heaven. I was at a carnival, on a boardwalk, on the ocean. Life doesn’t get much better than that.
The next morning I was awake and on the beach with my blanket and my camera at 5am to watch the sunrise. And that mornings sunrise was gorgeous. I spent the entire morning on the beach and in the water. I was at my happiest. Then that afternoon to escape the North Carolina sun for a few hours, my family and I went to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. There were sooooo many different types of marine life there, including sea turtles, lots of fish, sharks, and an albino alligator. My favorite part was seeing the little sea turtle, he was so precious and super shy.  We finished the day off with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and a walk along the beach collecting sea shells and twirling in the water. 
Our second day on the ocean was spent on the beach the entire day, the weather was perfect. Another favorite memory of that day was looking out into the water and seeing dolphins about three waves away enjoying the nice day as well. Did I mention I LOVE the ocean?! That evening was once again spent on the boardwalk eating Britt’s Donuts, ice cream, and shopping. Then, we went crab hunting to finish off the night. That was so much fun. I read somewhere that if you go out onto the beach at night with a flashlight and shine it on the sand, you can attract and find these little tiny crabs. We managed to find one and then found a huge spider, got scared and ran inside for the night. XD End of day 2 on the beach.
Our last day once again started with watching the sunrise and spending the morning on the water. Then, in the afternoon we traveled to a little town called Southport to spend the rest of the day. Guys, I thought I was in love with Carolina Beach but now Southport has completely stolen my heart. It is the CUTEST southern Oceanside town and I seriously want to live there. After shopping and exploring the town, we ate dinner at a seafood restaurant on the water while a storm came rolling in. It felt like a scene from a movie. Speaking of movies, we also came across the visitor center and found a room full of all the props from the Safe Haven movie from the Nicholas Sparks book. Safe Haven is my favorite book and movie by him so it was SO much fun seeing all the props and going to all the places that were used in the film.
We then said goodbye to Southport (I’ll see you again soon) and went back to Carolina Beach where we ended our trip eating cotton candy ice cream on the boardwalk.
My heart is so full after this trip. I always look forward to our family vacations because we always make the best memories that I’ll always remember forever. I just love getting to spend time with my family. I miss the ocean soooo much but I know that I’ll be back super soon. Can’t stay away from it for too long ;). Thanks for the memories NC. xx