One of my favorite parts about this industry is that there is always room for improvement and amazing opportunities. There are also a lot of other photographers whose work and character inspire me, one of those people being the incredibly talented Hope Taylor. Check out her website because seriously, her work is AMAZING. I admire her A LOT and I’m always reading her blog gushing over her gorgeous photos. Yesterday, she posted about all her BIG, scary dreams. Her dream locations for shooting weddings, her photography goals, and her other fun, crazy dreams. At the end she asked us to share our crazy dreams so I guess that’s what I’m doing now. Thanks Hope!
If you know me, then you know that I dream BIG. I’m always trying to achieve my goals. People think that I am crazy for thinking that I can accomplish a certain dream of mine and they say that it’s “not possible.” People doubt me, a lot, but that doesn’t seem to affect me at all! At 18, I already own a photography business, I’m shooting my first wedding in July, I have so many sessions already booked for the year, I recently traveled to Florida and spent 24 hours in Disney with my best friend, and a year ago I sang on stage with The Wanted. The fact that I already accomplished those dreams is pretty cool. My friend taught me that “I’ve got people to love and dreams to pursue” and I am so thankful for her continuous support. She has BIG dreams too and is currently living that dream as a singer in L.A! I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her and everyone else encouraging me to pursue these big and terrifying dreams.

Now I am going to share these dreams that are SO big and scary but also super exciting when thinking about getting that chance one day to accomplish any or all of them!

Here are some of my dreams for the next few years:
-Open up a studio

-Book more weddings

-Attend a Hope Taylor Photography workshop

-Purchase more equipment

-collaborate with a local boutique (VERY big dream of mine)

-have a senior spokesmodel team + offer one-of-a-kind perks

And a few of my bigger + crazier dreams for the future:
-Photograph international weddings (France, Norway, Ireland, Mexico)

-Host my own photography workshop

-Get an internship with Crowd Surf

-Move to North Carolina and live on the beach, or London, either one works

-Photograph music artists

-Become Tiffany Houghton’s personal photographer 😉

-Buy one-way plane tickets and travel the world

                                                             And many, many more…

I too want to hear YOUR big dreams! Comment them below or post them on your blog!