WOW has 2015 treated me well. The first year of JTP has been a HUGE success and I am so so so blessed. I’ve photographed a total of 54 sessions, which included 16 senior sessions, 5 couple sessions and TWO weddings. I still cant believe it. I am so extremely grateful for every single person who believed in me and asked me to capture certain moments in their lives, and for all of you guys reading this blog post right now.
Be prepared…there are a TON of gorgeous pictures in this blog post.
But some BIG thank yous go to Kacey, Melanie and Kayli, for ALWAYS standing by my side. Your endless support means the world to me + I am so blessed to have you as part of the JTP team! Thank you to my first JTP senior Allie and my first JTP bride Emily! I am forever grateful for you both. You both put your trust in me and my business and there aren’t even words to describe what that means to me. Because of the two of you I am where I am today + I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to my AMAZING family + friends who have been supporting me from day one and have followed along with me on this journey. I know I’ve already said this many times but it truly does mean the WORLD to me. I LOVE YOU!

Aside from taking lots of gorgeous pictures, this year was my first year away at college, which really made me the person I am today. I have made some amazing friendships and lifelong memories. There were some tough times I went through where I wanted to just give up but those times only made me stronger and more determined and really helped me find who I am as well as my what my business is. In April, I got on my first ever plane with my best friend to travel to Disney World for 24 hours to celebrate her birthday, spent a week in North Carolina, won a mentoring session with Erika Lynn Photography, which really was a turning point in my business. I learned SO much and I am SO thankful for you Erika! I became a wedding photographer which I always thought I wouldn’t even be considering until after graduating college, started my second year at the University of Akron and so much more. I am so lucky and incredibly blessed. 

So without further ado, here are my all time favorite photos I’ve taken throughout the year!!! As sad as I am to see this year go, I am even more excited for what’s to come in 2016! I already have weddings and senior sessions booked, I’m putting together a senior spokesmodel program, making JTP a registered business + traveling to NYC and LA + more! I think I am even more excited to do all of this with you guys by my side! Here’s to the new year and the second year of Jenna Therese Photography!