Happy Friday friends! I am so so excited about today’s blog post!! Annapolis has been on my list of cities to visit for a few years now + it definitely didn’t disappoint. There is just something about coastal cities that take my breath away and make me fall in love every single time. Like I am officially moving there. Apart from Annapolis, we also visited Williamsburg Va, Washington D.C, North Beach, and Baltimore! After over a week of traveling, I am sunburnt, my feet are sore, but I am finally home with a VERY full heart. I hope you all enjoy these iPhone images from this past week!
Day one of our trip was spent traveling in the car and arriving in Annapolis. I think one of my favorite parts was finding out that our hotel had FREE cookies every night. Midnight snack? yes, please!
That evening, we walked down main street in GORGEOUS historic downtown Annapolis, sat on the docks and watched the water, did lots of shopping, and ate dinner at the cutest little local restaurant, The Federal House.
The next day we drove three hours to colonial Williamsburg, Virginia! This was probably the hottest day of the whole trip but was so much fun.
Took a tour of the Governors Palace! For some reason I kinda have an obsession with buildings like these. I guess it’s just something about that time period that fascinates me. Not to mention the Palace is beautiful!
Williamsburg’s gardens get all the heart eyes. Doesn’t that photo of the green room above look like there’s a secret garden out the window?! IN LOVE.
More images of the town + buildings!!
After Williamsburg, we visited the Yorktown battlefield as well as Yorktown’s beautiful waterfront! (and being a fan of Hamilton the musical, this part was a lot of fun!)
Day three was Washington D.C day!! We visited the pandas at the National Zoo, a few Smithsonian museums, the Washington + Lincoln Monuments, and more! The last time I was in D.C I was in 8th grade so I loved getting the chance to go back to our nations capital.
Sunday morning we drove to North Beach in Maryland! And once again I fell in love with that beach. Not only is it super pretty but it had a donut stand that made the donuts right when you placed your order. Life doesn’t get much better than that.
I’m pretty sure I belong on the water…
After North Beach we went to Baltimore and the National Aquarium! You guys, if you ever travel to Baltimore, the aquarium is a MUST. It was SO cool. They even had sea turtles + dolphins! Loved spending my afternoon there!
Dinner on the water at Uno’s Pizzeria!
The last day of our trip was spent back in Annapolis! This was probably my favorite part of the entire trip because I got to visit the Rising Tide Society’s office + I got to meet it’s founders/AMAZING photographers Natalie, Krista, and Davey! These are three people in the industry who I’ve looked up to for years so it was a dream come true to meet them + give them a hug! I LOVE being a part of this incredible group of creatives! I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support.
Thanks for the memories Annapolis, I can’t wait to come back!! xx